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__________ [14 Jun 2004|07:16am]
I am once again an uncle. To an amazing, amazing woman. I'm so happy for you, Courteney, I love you.

I've been stuck in New York. Buisness meetings, but now, I am at the airport. You didn't think I could stay away from my new neice now did you?

I should be home later on today, & then I plan on visiting Courteney, my neice, & I do suppose Matt will be there.

Ah, we're boarding, sorry for the short update, there will be more later.


PS- Happy birthday Mary-kate

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another turning point. [06 Jun 2004|07:19pm]
so sorry i've been away for so long. Honestly- I've been in a funk.

I don't know what it is- i think it was because friends ended. everywhere i look things were changing. i never really liked change.

blah- but i'm good now. finished directing my share of Joey episodes. It was great to see Matt & to get behind the camera. I really enjoyed it.

Jen- how are you. i miss you.
court- I miss you too. hows my neice or newphew doing?
Matt/matthew-call me; both of you.
lisa- i miss you.

well, other than that my life has been incredibly boring. :nods: what can i do though? :sighs: i need to get out more. i need to go and find something new and exciting. Anyone up for a vacation...maybe thats what i truly need. Somewhere hot though.

well- I don't have much time to write. ill update again tomorrow.


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uh... [01 Jun 2004|09:02pm]
where the hell have i been?

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maybe an island? maybe the alps? [17 May 2004|06:23pm]
so people. how've ya been?

i'm doing ok. been pretty busy lately. In a week i'll be working on Joey for a couple days, directing. :grins: matt-call me we can get together hopefully before then.

talked to almost everyone- jen, court, matt, and lisa. :smiles: it feels good to be in better touch with them.

I'm going to be going away hopefully. i'm looking at maybe an island. just for a week maybe less. anyone intrested in coming?

:nods: other than that. its been the same thing. i've been piled high in scripts. reading one after another and i still can't find one that i like. :sighs: maybe i'm just not going to?

sorry though, for the crappy updates lately- right now though- i must get back to the dreaded script reading.

david is ross

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its so damn annoying. [15 May 2004|02:53pm]
i'm pretty pissed off right now. i had a whole long update and well. Lj hates me and somehow deleted it. :Sighs:

i've been in meetings all day. my managers had a new sitcom. :laughs shaking his head: of course i said no. what are they thinking? i didn't even want to do friends at first. but when i met everyone and read the script i couldn't not do it. but-that was a one time thing. i won't do sictoms. ever. unless it's a guest appearance on Joey.

Talked to Courteney and Jen. but- still havent managed to get in touch with matt, lisa, or matthew. -call me guys.

i've been pretty bored guys, call me to make plans. :laughs:

i don't remember half of my other update. and well i have to go run errands. so- ill try and update later.

one more thing. anyone want to help me out with a layout?


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|| new number . already || [13 May 2004|07:41pm]
so. i have a new number already. its david is ross. call me.

i've been pretty bored lately. looking at some scripts. and signing up for some directing gigs. i may even direct a couple episodes of Joey. we're not sure though.

LA is great. weather is awesome as usual.

i'm lonely. yehhh, i know how sappy but, i am. i miss dating. Just can't find that perfect girl. :sighs: it's getting pretty old. i want to be in a relationship again. :laughs: i think i sound like a girl.

So I finally got to talk to jen today. it was nice to actually talk to her. i haven't gotten to talk to anyone in a while. :sighs: i miss everyone. i really need to get in touch with you all soon.

well- ill talk to you later. -David

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|| call me. || [12 May 2004|10:23pm]
dSchwimmer. call me.


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|| its a small world after all . || [12 May 2004|07:08pm]
so im david - or dave. you might know me from my behind the scenes camera work... no? :laughs: oh yeh- or from the show i used to be on. it was called...friends? ever hear of it? oh ok good. yeh i played Ross Gellar.

Friends was an awesome experience. i actually miss it a lot. but- :grins: i hear jen, courteney, matt, matthew, and lisa are here! heyy guys. call me!

well- i dont really know what else to say. if anyone would be kind and make me icons. :laughs: i have none. id love ones with matt, matthew, jen, lisa, and courteney.

i better get going though. cant wait to talk to you all. my phone is acutally screwed up right now. once i get my new number ill let you all know.


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